Le Bouton began as clothing for children. As women requested  the styles in adult sizes, Le Bouton grew. Now Le Bouton is mostly adult size clothing, however I still love to make pieces for children on occasion.

My interests and inspirations concerning design are varied, and sometimes seemingly conflicting. I suppose the one constant is that I deeply love clothes and beautiful textiles. I have great respect for almost all styles and time periods. It is my desire to evolve as a designer, and be never limited to a certain look. 

Le Bouton clothing availability is intentionally limited. I am interested in making clothing to order - every piece is going to a person. When the clothing is being made, that person is thought of. I believe that can be felt. Many of the pieces have hand sewn details which, to me, elevates the character of a piece of clothing. I do love to make one-of-a-kind pieces which I consider to be very special.

This shop offers Le Bouton and soon other items that resonate with me. 

Very sincerely,

Lisa Dorr